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Activate FAQ

Activate your ShopFloor Now...TotalControlPro™ Activate is designed to be self configurable for use by Anybody at Anytime Anywhere, Contact Us for any specific questions.

More commonly asked questions

What makes TotalControlPro™ special?

Our capability to assist manufacturers, engineering, repair, and other industrial organisations to rapidly implement proven, cost saving, real-time work-in-process and people product and process tracking systems.

What areas do you focus on?

Our software has been developed by manufacturers for manufacturers and we pride ourselves in being able to configure TotalControlPro™ to meet the needs of almost all manufactures, putting them in control of their production facility, providing real time visibility to the entire enterprise. Increasing the profitability & productivity of their organisation.

Do you have special capabilities?

We have a wide experience with implementing work-in-process and product tracking & traceability systems. Implementation of automated data exchange interfaces between systems, including assisting clients with supply chain integration and supporting our clients with dynamic planning and scheduling is also a rapidly growing part of our services operation.

How do you sell your TotalControlPro™ software?

We provide our software on a SaaS (software as a Service) subscription basis in the Cloud on the secure AWS platform. Our Activate™ product is available for self-configuration and immediate access. With our Energise™ and Enterprise™ solutions we offer on-site scoping assessments to ensure your installation and configuration best suits your organisations needs along with personal support and training.

Do you sell Directly to Clients or through Partners?

We sell our software and services directly to clients and through a nationwide network of partners.

What support services do you provide?

We provide a complete set of services to assist our clients to rapidly and affordably implement real-time operations tracking and management solutions. These include using our expertise to advise our clients how best to solve their operations tracking and management issues we also develop standard operating procedures for each system to facilitate training and validation. In addition our services also include installation, configuration, customisation and integration of the TotalControlPro™ software with other systems within your company. We are also able to provide advice on the procurement of the barcode scanning, computing and networking equipment that maybe required. In addition, we provide on-site and off-site training and implementation support.

How can I get a demonstration?

The first step would be an introductory demonstration over the Internet using on-line meeting technologies. Following this, where the project is large and or complex, we offer a scoping on site visit as an option for our Energise and Enterprise Products. Activate™ is always sold online. In contrast to the cost of most ERP/MES systems or the cost of developing a custom solution "from-scratch", which can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, TotalControlPro™ starts form as low as £195 per month up to a few tens of thousands per annum for a synchronised Enterprise™ modules.

Do You Offer Trials of Your Software?

We offer 90-day trials of our Activate™ software to Energise and Enterprise clients but only after prospective clients have signed a trial agreement and agree to devote a significant amount of their staff's time to seriously evaluating the TotalControlPro™ software.

Do you provide demonstrations of your software with our data?

For those organisations that wish to try out the software with their data in an operational setting then we recommend a 3-month trial subscription or Activate™ which enables organisations to do an in-depth evaluation of the software at minimal cost.

What is the Cost-Benefit Trade-off for a TotalControlPro™ system?

Many of our clients have been able to save at least the cost of one or more full-time equivalent people a month. Others have been able to increase productivity by 15% with 10% less downtime. In each case, the TotalControlPro™ based barcode tracking system rapidly pays for itself in labour savings and improved operational efficiency. Some of our clients have been able to save over a hundred thousand pounds a year in operating costs using a TotalControlPro™ based system.

Can TotalControlPro™ provide the range of software and services that my organisation needs?

TotalControlPro™ has a proven history of supporting both large and smaller organisations we play an important role together with our network of partners that work together to implement real-time work-in-process and materials tracking solutions for clients.

What about installation, configuration, setup, training and support?

We provide these services remotely over the Internet and on-site. Installation and configuration has been designed to be simple wherever possible we provide these services remotely and encourage our clients to participate in the process to save them money. We also have an extensive set of training videos, user manuals and white papers to enable clients to train themselves in the use of the TotalControlPro™ software, thereby reducing the cost of system's deployment. We also work remotely with the IT staff of client organisations or through our partners to provide support where needed.

Do you run a 24x7 Help Desk?

No, the designated client support manager works directly with the client's project manager within their TotalControlPro™ team. We have an online support community for our Activate™ product and help is always available 24x7 through our online support desk. We work closely with the client's IT support person or project manager will be able to handle most of the day to day issues, with the TotalControlPro™ team providing critical behind the scenes support services when needed.

Can TotalControlPro™ do real-time operations monitoring and send an Email or text message to the appropriate person within my organisation when problems occur?

Yes, and this requires configuration of the TotalControlPro™ to recognise when issues arise and to inform TotalControlPro™ to whom to send an Alert message.

TotalControlPro™ appears to be a "Ferrari" tracking system but I just want a simple, low-cost work-in-process or inventory tracking solution. Does it make sense to use TotalControlPro™?

Our clients can start out using TotalControlPro Activate™ for £195.00 a month. Clients can then easily upgrade to TotalControlPro™ Energise™ to get a much wider range of capabilities for under a £500.00 per month. At the same time, clients can be confident that TotalControlPro™ can support their work-in-process and product tracking needs, no matter how large they grow or how complex their operations become.

Can I use TotalControlPro™ with my existing barcode tracking equipment or do I need to buy new equipment?

TotalControlPro™ uses a web-browser interface so it will work on any device supporting the equivalent of Internet Explorer 9 or greater. Older and refurbished equipment meeting these requirements can be reused with the TotalControlPro™.

You focus on barcode data collection using mobile computers and PCs. Do you collect data using other devices?

Yes, TotalControlPro™ can also collect data using RFID data portals and other IOT (Internet of Things) sensors. It also can exchange data with PLCs that control process and test equipment. Such interfaces typically require customisation of TotalControlPro™.

Can TotalControlPro™ be used as a Quality Control (QC) Tracking System?

Yes, TotalControlPro™ tracks the quality control inspection status of products and makes sure that parts can be stopped and not used before inspection, there are also quality control and stoppage reports available for analysis.

Can TotalControlPro™ be used as or integrated with a Document Management System?

TotalControlPro™ can be used to track physical documents, just like any other asset. It can also associate electronic documents, such as CAD drawings, measurement sheets, certificates of compliance or performance, with specific products. For more complex document management requirements, we recommend that TotalControlPro™ be integrated with a document management system designed for that purpose.

Can TotalControlPro™ be used as a Maintenance Management System?

TotalControlPro™ can track maintenance inventory in multiple stock-rooms and locations. It can track the issuance and return of tools to people. It can also be used to initiate and track maintenance tasks. For more complex maintenance management tasks, such as maintenance scheduling, then it is recommended that TotalControlPro™ be integrated with a CMMS maintenance management system.

My ERP system tracks inventory and production data, why can't I use my ERP system as a real-time operations tracking and monitoring system?

ERP systems perform a combination of accounting and materials requirements planning. This is a very different set of requirements from that needed for real-time system like TotalControlPro™ that uses real time tracking principles. TotalControlPro™ can, however, be used in conjunction with ERP systems to add real-time work-in-process and materials tracking capabilities to an ERP system at an affordable cost.

Can TotalControlPro™ automatically exchange data with other systems to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry?

Yes, through a variety of interfaces, including its universal or customised data connectors. This includes automatically exchanging data with ERP, accounting, engineering design, formula management, CRM, E-Commerce, process control and test systems.

Can the TotalControlPro™ be configured or customised to meet my specific data collection requirements?

TotalControlPro™ can be configured by its users for most standard product tracking data collection applications. TotalControlPro™ can also customise the software for specialised data collection requirements.

What about reports?

TotalControlPro™ produces a set of standard reports and excel exports that our clients have found are valuable for real-time operational tracking and KPI reporting. There is an advanced Manufacturing Intelligence Analysis package with Energise and Enterprise.

Can we use TotalControlPro™ to replace our time-clocks for labour tracking?

TotalControlPro™ can be used to collect clocking and time in work data that can be exported for use by human resources management and payroll systems. There is also an onsite workforce report, invaluable for health and safety and any evacuation scenarios.

Can we use TotalControlPro™ to just track products, materials, people and/or jobs in one limited area of our facility or do we need to deploy it to the whole plant at the same time?

We encourage our clients to start in one area, to solve an immediately pressing problem. Then clients can incrementally expand their use of TotalControlPro™ to cover other areas as they gain experience with using the capabilities of TotalControlPro™.

Do I need to purchase a barcode printer to use TotalControlPro™?

No TotalControlPro™ prints its barcoded documents on an office printer, we do however recommend Zebra Printers. While TotalControlPro™ has extensive barcode label printing capabilities, it is not necessary to use these capabilities or to purchase expensive barcode printing equipment.

What hardware do I need for Activate?

Any LAN/Internet enabled device that can display a Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser that will accept input from a barcode scanner via a Standard USB port, popular choses are Chrome Books and Tablets.
(Linx 12V32 12-Inch Tablet with Keyboard (Intel Atom, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage, Windows 10 office ed.)

When selecting a Barcode scanner we generally recommend a 1D Visible Laser Diode scanner (rather than the budget CCD scanner) for more reliable reading of barcode labels, scanners can be handheld wired, wireless Bluetooth, rugged or fixed position. Popular makes include Motorola, Honeywell and Datalogic, if your current computer supplier is unable to assist or if in doubt, go to