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What is TotalControlPro™?

TotalControlPro™ is an affordable, accessible manufacturing platform that utilises cloud technology to put you in control of your production facility, providing real-time visibility to your entire enterprise. TotalControlPro™ provides advanced planning, customer management, inventory, execution and intelligence capabilities to help you increase the profitability & productivity of your organisation.

  • Engaging Workforce

    Give the shopfloor the instruction they need to work and provide opportunities to capture the skills and knowledge of your workers, per job and per product.

  • Empowering Teams

    Production Teams have visibility of whats happening, where when and how, real time information, that can trigger alerts and be acted on. Right Action right time.

  • Enlightening Management

    Data driven decision making - the right decision from right info at the right time.

How does TotalControlPro™ work?

Use TotalControlPro™ to track:

  • People

    Live comments and feedback, time, location and productivity

  • Product

    Work in progress status, production time, location and quality control

  • Process

    Supply chain information, delivery time, KPIs, strategic insights

What integration capabilities does TotalControlPro™ have?

TotalControlPro™ can integrate with your current software and systems to provide you with greater visibility and joined-up reporting and analytics.

From accounting packages to enterprise resource planning (ERP), our integrations service can work with you to integrate TotalControlPro™ with your current data sources, allowing you to view a complete picture of your business, and understand what’s working, and what’s not.

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Take better control of your manufacturing process