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What is TotalControlPro™?

TotalControlPro™ is an affordable, accessible & available production tracking system utilising cloud technology that puts you in control of your production facility, providing real time visibility to your entire enterprise. Increasing the profitability & productivity of your organisation. TotalControlPro™ also provides advanced planning capabilities to improve your demand forecasting, inventory planning and production planning processes.

  • Engaging Workforce

    Give the shopfloor the instruction they need to work and provide opportunities to capture the skills and knowledge of your workers, per job and per product.

  • Empowering Teams

    Production Teams have visibility of whats happening, where when and how, real time information, that can trigger alerts and be acted on. Right Action right time.

  • Enlightening Management

    Data driven decision making - the right decision from right info at the right time.

Use TotalControlPro™ to track:

  • People

    Live comments and feedback, time, location and productivity

  • Product

    Work in progress status, production time, location and quality control

  • Process

    Supply chain information, delivery time, KPIs, strategic insights

How does TotalControlPro™ work?

What integration capabilities does TotalControlPro™ have?

TotalControlPro™ can integrate with a wide range of accounting packages, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and job source data file formats to enhance your understanding in all areas.
Our customisation service can work with you to integrate TotalControlPro™ with your current data sources, allowing you to view a complete picture of your business, and understand what’s working, and what’s not. TotalControlPro™ integrates with:

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Take better control of your manufacturing process