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What does your current method cost you?
In your business, what do the following cost you?

Work In Progress Uncertainty

Uncertainty across your organisation over the progress of your order book

Lost Production Time

Loss of production time created by a workforce filling out job sheets and employee record cards.

Shop Floor Uncertainty

Delays and uncertainly of your shop floor operators over what to work on next.

Manual Paperwork & Report Processing

Time spent compiling and processing paperwork, employee & job records and production reports

Late Deliveries & Customer Satisfaction

Loss of customers or poor customer retention due to late deliveries or unclear communication.

Production Errors

Non conformance & product recalls with little or no traceability or accountability.

Estimation Errors

Lost profit from inaccurate estimates of production time or resources.

Bottle Necks

Production line bottle necks and ineffective resource planning.

Operator Efficiencies

Higher than anticipated job labour costs from poor performing operators or teams going undetected.

Time to "Find Out"

Time taken for staff and management to establish the progress of deliverables .

What if?

We could save you 20 production hours a week

What would that mean for your business?

TotalControlPro™ Users are delivered extraoridnary business benefits - Previously unattainable to the majority of SME business