Job Managament Software With Real Time Stats

How Would A TotalControlPro™ Tracking System Benefit You?

Real time control and intelligence on your production facility

Can you currently answer these questions quickly and accurately?
Is the following information a click away for you and your organisation?

Work In Progress

Job Management Software

What is your current
work in progress?

Production Schedule

production tracking system

Are all your current jobs
& deliveries on schedule?

Job Location

job location

Where are all your
current jobs right now?

Employee Insights

employee insights png

Who is working on each job?
How productive are they?



Do you have full traceability
against every product made?

Cost Reduction

Lean Manufacturing software

What's the cost of wasted
production time & resources?

QC & Rework


Why do delays & mistakes
occur & what do they cost?

Production Yields

Production yield

Are production decisions 
improving your bottom line?

Work On Hold

manufacturing software

What value is on hold
right now & why?

TotalControlPro™ will give you instant real time access to accurate information to allow you to answer these questions.

...Plus more, via your Internet browser.

Knowledge & Control

We put you in control of your production facility, providing a real time insight into both your production flow and your employees – directly at the fingertips of production and management teams, via their internet browser.

Our cloud software is at the forefront of smart technology for industry, for the first time the cloud can be used to the make life easier and open possibilities that were previously out of reach.

TotalControlPro™ takes all the benefits of the versatility, accessibility and simplicity of the internet and combines it with features and functionality previously only available from complex, large and expensive ERP installations.