Time Tracking Software For Manufacturing Jobs

How Much do you know about what's going on right now in your production process?

TotalControlPro™ puts production intelligence a button click away

Why implement a cloud tracking system?
Most likely your business is challenged by one of these issues

Organisational Efficiency

Recovers lost time & efficiency across production, sales & admin teams

Electronic tracking allows employees to spend their time on activities that generate income, ultimately increasing productivity and decreased expenditure.


Reduction in data collection time & errors

By scanning a Barcode or RFID tag

In contrast to manual logging, electronic tracking takes seconds rather than minutes, logging errors become statistically insignificant.


Improved productivity

Maximise productivity output

As exact time spent on tasks are logged, Operators are more likely to work to a quicker pace, as well as eliminating time completing complicated tracking forms or unreliable paper systems.


Greater customer satisfaction

Improve your customer experience

With information at your fingertips, clients experience excellent customer service. Clients track shipments with virtually infallible accuracy, improving satisfaction, decreasing returns and increasing loyalty.


Improved accountability

Due to live audit trails recorded througout production

Essential to maintaining ISO industry accreditation. An inventoried work force also leads to a higher work standard and allows for targeted support and training.


Instant & Real Time Reports & Indicators

Real time reports and indicators at a click of button 

Reporting is live, without legacy or the overhead of data entry, compiling, and manual report creation

TotalControlPro™ will give you this

with you also benefitting from...

Low Cost of lifecycle ownership

Reduced capital investment & low cost of lifecycle

Software as a service - reducing any initial outlay through our monthly subscription plan /p>

Competitive price structure – however big or small your business or production line

Simple and quick to use - eliminating time spend logging data instead of completing work

Commitment to free updates every quarter

Training is included with your start up and onboarding programme.

Simplicity of implementation

Simple to implement and use to see instant business benefit

Easy to learn and simple for employees to start scanning – resulting in significant time savings & reduction in training cost./p>

Simplicity of scanning process reduces error & maximise accuracy of data.

More time to do job work, by eliminating non-productive tasks from the product floor, improving productivity.

Data entry is easy, with a scan! – improve job satisfaction as easy to learn!

Browser Based Cloud Software

No need for installation, maintenance or expansion headaches

Small impact on IT budget!/p>

Software doesn’t need to be installed, all you need is an internet connection, a browser on a computer, phone or tablet & a barcode scanner!.

You don’t need an team of programmers to get you off the ground! - or have to go back to them every time you want an upgrade!

Scalability with growth

Scalability with growth

Upgrades are done automatically, with the commitment to continuous improvements and factors./p>

All you need to increase scanning stations is very simply an internet device with a browser.