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RCM has a long and distinguished history in the production of air ventilation products dating all the way back to 1948. Having full control over the entire production run from initial concept, through the design process and then onto manufacture, means that they set deadlines and make promises they keep.

“TotalControlPro™ can help peel back the layers of inefficiency in all areas – so it’s a tool that can be moulded to the needs of a business as it evolves…”

Dorian Smellie, CEO, TotalControlPro™

Keys to Success

  • TotalControlPro™ establishes a migration plan for existing transactions and data
  • Ensuring the client is gaining the performance and value needed
  • Flexibility of our solutions ensure they fit the clients existing process and controls
  • Unlimited scalability and a commitment from us for continued Product development

The Business Need

  • Planning and scheduling for over 1200 different styles of product each style having unique dimensions, required a power planning/scheduling tool which even calculated material cut lengths.
  • Real time visibility of workflow and productivity across a wide range of manufacturing processes and skills
  • Seamless integration with existing ERP systems and vendors

The Solution Provided

Implementation of TotalControlPro™ Enterprise began with a Pre-Implementation assessment to understand the manufacturing and application landscape of the company. Then together, we created a high-level vision of how the Enterprise MES software solution would be modelled and implemented.

The Impact and Results

Within a few weeks of the major implementation RCM began seeing significant improvement in productivity and efficiency gains in employee and machinery utilisation. This is a work in progress project and the data and visibility already in place is leading to highlight other area of opportunity for RCM.

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