Key features

  • Custom to you

    Built to your specification, our Enterprise solution is designed around your team, your operation and your needs to deliver powerful intelligence data.

  • Real-time planning

    Instant KPI tracking empowers you to make accurate, smart decisions based on real-time events and productivity.

  • Real-time scheduling

    Custom integrations with all levels of your operation enables you to make critical decisions in an instant to manage resources and supply chains.

Used by

Case study


After just 4 weeks, Siemens could see that working one particular employee combination gave increased productivity over the others, contrary to assumptions and expectations.

This was a middle management implementation that could be put into place quickly, efficiently and within budget. The savings and data from the application has created strategic level return on investment. - Chief Engineer

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  • Set-up stage one:



    With our Enterprise™ solutions we offer on-site scoping day and include three months use of TotalControlPro™ Activate.

  • Final set-up:

    Price on Application

  • Monthly licence:

    From £695

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