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  • “TotalControlPro™ gives us powerful traceabilty of our product and people as we grow.”

    Pat Lynch - Commercial Director, IDSL
  • “At the heart of Kal Tire’s manufacturing business is a belief in ‘what gets measured gets done’ as access to real-time, accurate knowledge of manufacturing performance aids in effective daily operations and is key to reducing costs and continually improving efficiency and quality.”

    Fraser Flint, Kal Tire UK
  • “TotalControlPro™ has the ability to answer all of these with real-time feedback of valuable data… and allowed us to ensure accurate costings and remain competitive in an increasingly lean-priced market.”

    Daniel Laverick - Production Manager, Mowden Controls
  • “With the acquisition, it gives us a great vehicle to market TotalControlPro™ through and the ability to design and install data acquisition solutions, so I remain keen to progress this.”

    Richard Jeffers, RS Components
  • “I’ve used systems for MES before, and this is the most user friendly easy to implement system I’ve seen – I’m really pleased so far and Neil our Productions Director is more than pleased.”

    Chris Brown, QK Honeycomb
  • “TotalControlPro™ is recovering about 30mins per day per shop floor operator in lost production time, and saving me a day a week in managing job data.”

    Chris Barrett, Zircotek
  • “TotalControlPro™ can help peel back the layers of inefficiency in all areas – so it’s a tool that can be moulded to the needs of a business as it evolves.”

    Chris Ward, PDCA Consulting
  • “We had the system up and running within the week… so far, we are seeing a 10% decrease in downtime and a 15% increase in productivity.”

    Mohammed Karoush, Rubbermaid/Newell Co Inc
  • “The TotalControlPro™ system and intelligence has enabled us to launch an employee reward scheme so when we do well, everyone enjoys the benefits.”

    Stephen Williams - Managing Director, Mowden Controls

Key features

  • Custom to you

    Built to your specification, our Enterprise solution is designed around your team, your operation and your needs to deliver powerful intelligence data.

  • Real-time planning

    Instant KPI tracking empowers you to make accurate, smart decisions based on real-time events and productivity.

  • Real-time scheduling

    Custom integrations with all levels of your operation enables you to make critical decisions in an instant to manage resources and supply chains.

Case study


After just 4 weeks, Siemens could see that working one particular employee combination gave increased productivity over the others, contrary to assumptions and expectations.

This was a middle management implementation that could be put into place quickly, efficiently and within budget. The savings and data from the application has created strategic level return on investment. - Chief Engineer

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    With our Enterprise™ solutions we offer on-site scoping day and include three months use of TotalControlPro™ Activate.

  • Final set-up:

    Price on Application

  • Monthly licence:

    From £695

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