Siemens - Total Control Pro


As a single-source supplier and system integrator, Siemens combines all the expertise necessary for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation. They take a balanced, comprehensive approach to rail-based mobility – from trams, light rail and metro services to commuter rail lines all the way to regional services.

This was a middle management implementation that could be put into place quickly, efficiently and within budget. The savings and data from the application has created strategic level return on investment.

- Chief Engineer

The Business need

  • To monitor the effectiveness of employees and employee partnership working models.
  • To assess productivity of different team configurations.
  • To monitor workflow and efficiency across shift patterns.
  • A solution to capture and log calibration measurements  in high volume throughput environments.

The Solution provided

Implementation of TotalControlPro™ cloud tracking system, utilising multipart, teamwork and percentage complete scanning modules.

The Impact and Results

“After just 4 weeks, we can clearly see that working one particular employee combination gives us increased productivity over the other, contrary to our assumption and expectation, saving us months of assessment and lost productivity” – Chief Engineer