Kal Tire

Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group are a tyre service and supply business with operations in over 19 countries. The company operates on more than 150 mining sites across five continents, contractually serving some of the world’s largest mining companies - supplying complete tyre management solutions as well as providing both new and manufactured retread tyres.

The TotalControlPro™ system has enabled us to monitor employees productivity against their time clocked. In addition to this the TotalControlPro™ system has provided accurate timings for each job, helping us to establish the true cost per unit produced

- F.Flint, Production Manager

In the UK, Kal Tire have been producing quality retread and remould tyres since 1989 to market sectors such as coal, quarrying, waste sites and ports. Alfreton is home to their state of the art retreading facility that manufactures premium quality retread tyres up to 49” in size.

At the heart of Kal Tire’s manufacturing business is a belief in “What gets measured gets done” as access to real-time, accurate knowledge of manufacturing performance aids in effective daily operations and is key to reducing costs and continually improving efficiency and quality.

The business need

  • Access: Real time 24/7 global access to the status of the manufacturing facility
  • Simplicity: A system easy to set up and use, with no need for complex or expensive IT installations
  • Productivity: Record, track and compare job and worker productivity & timing, as well as identify any pitfalls in processing to reallocate resources
  • Reporting KPI’s and management information

The solution provided

TotalControlPro™ maps your manufacturing processes and assesses how all your business systems need to work together to address your challenges and achieve your goals. We gain a complete understanding of what you do and how you work, including an examination of role-based functionality. Our experience results in immediate benefits that continue to grow, providing ongoing and long-term value to their business.

The impact and Results

Within a few weeks Kal Tire were able to start tracking people, parts and processes throughout their manufacturing facility. It did not stop there – by continued close cooperation with the TotalControlPro™ team, Kal Tire now also use the data collected during manufacturing to build vital process audit trails for each tyre manufactured, together with valuable KPI’s and management information reporting.