The Albion Knitting Company - Total Control Pro

The Albion Knitting Company

An example of the return of the garment manufacture and knitware industry to the UK & the first industrial scale fully fashioned flat knitting established in London in 80 years. The growth and success is dependent on maintaining a productive and motivated workforce, minimising raw material waste & maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace

The stress and burden of filling out employee work cards or job sheet paperwork on the factory floor was eliminated

- George Hogan, Finance Director

The business need

  • Reduce the impact on workforce productivity by the demands of an organisation to monitor and report on production throughput
  • Save time with multilingual employees filling out paperwork for every operation carried out
  • Provide clarity to the production department currently having to decipher and compile data from a variety of hand written documents in different languages
  • Provide simple data capture and present worker instructions clearly to multilingual employees
  • Introduce new technology to a demographic who are typically unfamiliar with IT

The solution provided

Implementation of TotalControlPro™ cloud tracking system to provide;

  • Automated Performance Reports
  • Shop floor data capture of job times and employee activity
  • Training and enrolment of staff, unskilled in IT & not native English speaking
  • Electronic audit trail for accreditation and product promise accountability
  • Low Carbon-Footprint impact of system maintenance

The impact and Results

  • Approx. 30 minutes of productivity time recovered per person per day
  • Electronic data capture to provide instant production output reports
  • Clear protocols for addressing Quality Control Issues
  • On Screen visual instructions to enable multilingual teams to work together
  • Industry skilled workforce adopting technology without barriers