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Total Control Pro in 45 seconds

How to get Active with Total Control Pro from anywhere.

"TotalControlPro™ works so well we are able to see every job at every stage."

- UKManufacturing

The Business need

“When Northampton County Council supported TotalControlPro™ to create 5 local showcase smart factory applications, we were excited to share the opportunity with local manufacturers, however given the noisy media hype about Industry 4.0, we were challenged with reaching companies that would like to take advantage of the opportunity.

The solution we found was to turn to the STC.  As a member, Pim started to share what we were doing with other members and invited us to networking events and opportunities to hear from local manufacturers as to the challenges they face.

VoxelJet was one such company with whom we connected and jumped at the chance to have a supported programme, to experience the return on investment that digitisation of shop floor processes can offer.

We have worked in partnership with Voxel Jet to provide them with a customised system for managing composite manufacturing and 3D printing.  The result – within a month they had their basic system up and running, with real time visibility and reporting on every job on the shop floor at any time – we now working in partnership to deliver what’s needed to further improve productivity”

The Solution provided

With TotalControlPro™ we were able to map our process, batch and track each product through each stage, very quickly. We also have trained our staff very quickly on the system.