Lean Manufacturing Software For Total Tracking

Bridging the Gap


RECOVER production hours, IMPROVE organisational efficiency, TARGET business performance.

TotalControlPro™ is an affordable, accessible & available production tracking system utilising cloud technology that puts you in control of your production facility, providing real time visibility to your entire enterprise.

Increasing the profitability & productivity of your organisation


Total Control Pro are making a commitment to “less talk and more action” in bridging the gap for SMEs to join Industry 4.0!

So what does this mean?

Many businesses can be put off by the associated challenges, perceived cost & complexity of 4IR implementations. Our approach is to help SMEs realise the potential of 4IR, removing the associated challenges of perceived cost and complex installations, delivering maximum potential while also maintaining their most valuable asset to their process, the workforce!

With increasing demands placed on manufacturers to be part of more and more complex supply chains, it’s important for manufacturers to adapt and embrace available software & technologies to advance. Total Control Pro brings the Industrial internet of things to connect & track technology, equipment, people, process and supply chains to manufacturers small and large by providing Software as a Service that delivers real value and Return on investment, while providing a real understanding of the impact of Key Performance indicators such as downtime, output and quality

In addition, with growing pressure on manufacturers to increase operational efficiency to remain competitive, Total Control Pro supports your business by giving you clarity and control of what’s going on your factory floor to

  1. help you understand how the floor is running in real time
  2. to support you in reacting quickly & effectively to changing market conditions

What’s the impact of you missing this opportunity?

69% manufactures believe industry 4.0 to have a significant impact on business

56% Firms have an imminent intention to invest

(The Manufacturer Industry 4.0 UK readiness report)

With TotalControlPro’s delivery and performance partners, we remove the traditional limiting factors of innovating, cost and maintenance, through our service offering which expands and shrinks as you need it to, making it truly viable to all businesses.