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About TotalControlPro™

Supporting some of the most prestigious manufacturing facilities around the World


The TotalControlPro™ technology evolution is driven by people passionate about championing success in manufacturing through the use of smart technology.

The TotalControlPro™ software and its delivery partners are committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their ambitions by helping them to overcome the day-to-day challenges of managing a production process - bringing clarity, certainty and workability to every member of a manufacturing environment.

The TotalControlPro™ vision is to bring companies closer to real time accurate and timely information, facilitating higher productivity and smarter decision making - business decisions based on knowledge and reliable, accurate production information - supporting management teams to improve their bottom line, producing more and wasting less!



To support every TotalControlPro™ user with cloud software technology that enables an increase in productivity and profitability of their organisation. Dorian Smellie ~ Founding Director

To bring today’s simple to operate TotalControlPro™ cloud technology to all manufacturing sectors, accessible via an internet browser, eliminating the need for high investment and complex or costly hardware.

TotalControlPro™ Software as a Service supply agreement makes the product viable and attainable to all SME Businesses, providing real time live data to empower production teams at a level often never experienced before.


Headquatered in Northamptons' Innovation Centre, England, Total Control Pro Limited is a leading provider of cloud technology to manufacturing industries worldwide.

Following 10 years of grass roots know how in developing IT solutions from within manufacturing organisations, TotalControlPro™ was launched in 2009 with a commitment to making a positive contribution to the Manufacturing Industry.

Through its network of users, TotalControlPro™ provides Production Control, Work in Process (WIP) tracking and Business operation control to some of the most prestigious and reputed manufacturing facilities around the World.

TotalControlPro™ At the centre of UK Innovation.