We know that it’s hard to digest everything a product offers, and you can sometimes become overwhelmed; avoiding a decision. So, TotalControlPro is here to make the decision easier and more efficient than ever. Here we unpack Activate, our starter cloud-system for tracking the whole working process. Giving you the knowledge to make your decision that little bit easier…


Activate TotalControlPro


Access, order and go!

One of the biggest benefits of Activate is its simple self-set-up. So, your work can be up and running almost instantly after download. The easy-to-start system is simple to use and navigate, helping you find your way quickly. There’s no set up costs and no contract required, a simple £195 fee is paid monthly and can be cancelled at any time. Although, we’re pretty confident you won’t…




Key features

TotalControlPro prides itself on providing the latest features on all our products and Activate is no different. Activate is built on the three P’s – Product, People and Process. A work-in-progress (WIP) status, production times and quality control help monitor the product. Whilst live comments, feedback and productivity rate help analyse your staff, making sure everything is running smoothly. Process is provided by supply chain information, KPIs and strategic insights, ensuring no bottlenecks occur.

These features all combine into one easy-to-manage product, helping optimise your workflow and improve the manufacturing process from start to finish.


Activate TotalControlPro


Why should you use Activate?

If you haven’t made up your mind already this might help. Many of our clients have been able to save at least the cost of one or more full-time equivalent staff per month, with others increasing productivity by 15%. In both cases, TotalControlPro pays for itself in labour savings and operational efficiency. Making it the go-to software for a range of companies.

If you want to experience the benefits for yourself contact TotalControlPro today!

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